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Robert Carlson


Dr. Rob Carlson is a Senior Scientist in the Electrical Engineeering department at the University of Washington and a Senior Associate at Bio Economic Research Associates (bio-era).  At the broadest level, he is interested in the future role of biology as a human technology.  Along these lines, his current projects include a Department of Energy funded study on the economic impacts of Synthetic Biology and a privately funded study of the potential impacts of, and responses to, an Avian Flu pandemic.

His current technical research focuses on combining molecular measurement techniques and microfluidic devices to quantify properties of single cells, and on new fabrication techniques to produce hybrid devices. He also works on the related question of how information flows from the environment into the genome, and is developing techniques to measure internal states of cells, such as quantifying the expressed protein complement and quantifying protein-protein interactions.  Other interests include the hydrogen economy, fuel cells, and industrial ecology, and industrial design.  From 1997 to 2002, Dr. Carlson was a Research Fellow at The Molecular Sciences Institute in Berkeley, CA.  He earned a doctorate in Physics from Princeton University in 1997. Links to articles and a weblog can be found at

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