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Richard Thieme

Jeff Harrow

Richard Thieme is a professional commentator who specializes in analyzing the ways that society and technology intersect. Mr. Thieme is a professional consultant and speaker whose works have been translated into German, Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian, Danish and Slovene and taught in university courses around the world. With subscribers in more than 57 countries Richard’s column, " Islands in the Clickstream," offers reflection on the relationship between ourselves, our technologies and the ultimate questions of our lives.

Mr. Thieme was born in Chicago , Illinois , in 1944 and graduated from Northwestern University in 1965 with a B.A. in English literature. His non-academic education included working with the Daley political organization. After living in Madrid , Spain for a year, he attended the University of Chicago (Title IV NDEA Fellow) and received an M.A. in English literature. He taught literature and writing at the University of Illinois-Chicago and wrote fiction in his twenties. Then, after two years in England and a three-year professional Master's degree from Seabury-Western Theological Seminary, he became an Episcopal priest and led parishes for sixteen years in three very different cultures: Salt Lake City, Utah; the Hawaiian island of Maui; and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

After buying an Apple II computer in the early eighties Richard’s life was never the same. He realized that the way he was affected by his interaction with the computer was exactly how society would be affected by the computer revolution. He began writing about topics like "Computer Applications for Spirituality: the Transformation of Religious Experience," but — as one editor wrote — "only three of you care about this." Richard’s diverse experiences working with speech and literature and communities bound together by symbols translated effortlessly into the digital world. His passion for exploring the impact of technology on institutions and organizations — business, education, government, religion — and his extensive experience with leadership, management, organizational dynamics, and cultural diversity led him to establish ThiemeWorks in 1993 to pursue a career of professional speaking, consulting, and writing.

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