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The following questions were submitted by Future Brief readers. The poll itself, taken by a statistically-valid sample of more than 13,400 adult Americans, was conducted by Zogby International, an opinion research firm, on January 27-30, 2006.

QUESTION: Which of the following countries or groups do you believe poses the greatest nuclear threat to the United States?


Overall Results:

- China: 11.4%

- Iran: 23.1%

- North Korea: 25.1%

- Pakistan: 2%

- Russia: 1.7%

- Terrorists: 26.6%

- Not Sure/Other: 10.1%

*Due to rounding, percentages may add up to over 100%. Margin of error is +/- 0.9%

Political affiliation seems to determine which countries people view as nuclear threats. 33.2% of Democrats, for example, view North Korea as the greatest nuclear threat, compared to only 16.5% of Republicans. Conversely, 34% of Republicans view Iran as the greatest nuclear threat, compared to only 13.9% of Democrats.

Gender also seems to determine which countries Americans view as nuclear threats. For instance, 14.3% of male respondents view China as the gravest nuclear threat compared to 8.7% of women.

Next: Which are you more worried about - the threat of terrorists attacking the United States, or losing personal privacy in an effort to prevent a terrorist attack?


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