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Peter Lavelle

Jeff Harrow

Peter Lavelle is a Moscow-based analyst working in the areas of financial analysis, public relations and business consulting. A former academic in the field of Eastern European and Russian history, he is also a freelance writer and has written for the Moscow Times, Transitions Online, RFE/RL, Prime-TASS and Asia Times Online, as well as other publications. Peter is the author of a website, Untimely Thoughts, which offers articles and commentary on contemporary Russia.

Peter has an extensive background working in Eastern Europe’s financial sector having served as the Head of Research at IFC Metropol and a Senior Equity Analyst at Alfabank in Moscow, Russia after working in Warsaw Poland as an Equity Analyst for Wood & Company and a Market Research Manager at Colgate-Palmolive. Peter’s published works include, “Estimating Participation and Party Voting in Poland: The 1991 Parliamentary Elections”, Eastern European Politics and Society, Spring 1995 and “Searching for Voting Patterns in Post-Communist Poland’s Sejm Elections”, Communist and Post-Communist Studies, Winter 95/96 as well as over one hundred articles and commentaries on Russia.

Peter has received a B.A. in International Economic Relations from the University of California Davis, an M.A. in European history from U.C. Davis, a Ph.D. in Studies in European Economic History from U.C. Davis, and was a Fulbright Research Fellow at the Institute of Political Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw Poland.

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