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Chris Phoenix

Jeff Harrow

Chris Phoenix is a recognized expert in molecular nanotechnology. In 2002, he co-founded the Center for Responsible Nanotechnology with Mike Treder and is now working full time as CRN's Director of Research.

Chris has been studying nanotechnology continuously since taking Eric Drexler's nanotech class at Stanford University in 1988. He obtained his BS in Symbolic Systems and MS in Computer Science from Stanford University in 1991. From 1991-97 he worked as an embedded software engineer at Electronics for Imaging. In 1997, he left the software field to concentrate on dyslexia correction and research. Since 2000, he has focused on studying and writing about nanotechnology.

Chris is widely-published, the author of papers on subjects ranging from Ethical Administration of Nanotechnology to Nanotechnology and Life Extension. His writings have appeared in print, including the Federation of American Scientists Public Interest Report, and on a variety of web sites, including,,,, and His other interests include artificial intelligence and music.

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